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Q&A with Sarah Whitaker

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Describe your personal journey with yoga.

I grew up dancing, which led me to practice and then teaching Pilates in my 20s. It was a natural transition to yoga from there. I enjoyed Ashtanga yoga when I was younger and have enjoyed developing different types of flow classes from vigorous and playful to gentle flow classes as well. My commitment to the physical practice has waxed and waned through the years of parenting young children and I'm coming to terms with the idea that that is OKAY! I appreciate that yoga, as a mindful movement practice, feels like an old friend who I can enjoy catching up with after long breaks.

Tell us about how you started at Revolution Therapy and Yoga?

When I was applying to graduate programs all around the US in 2007 I had decided my dream community would have a donation-based yoga studio, a volunteer grocery co-op, and have a bike-friendly culture. I was so enchanted to find my people in Athens! My life here before children was defined by Rubber Soul Yoga Revolution, Daily Groceries Co-Op, and my daily bike commute from Normaltown to UGA. It has been such an honor to stay involved as Revolution Therapy and Yoga was born in recent years! Being part of a community that does its best to make yoga accessible and inclusive is so important to me. Yoga is a philosophy that demands we pay attention to our ethics. I love being in the company of people willing to self-reflect and who encourage me to do the same.

What is your favorite thing about yoga?

My favorite thing about yoga is how it offers me the chance to remember over and over that I am an embodied being! The desire to practice mindful movement brings me back to the mat after breaks of many lengths of time. I always end up happily surprised at how good it feels to move. Moving with intention and kindness helps me be better friends with myself and I strive to help you discover that as well! Also, it's fun to giggle at the absurdity of making different shapes with your body. What do you do besides teaching at Revolution Therapy and Yoga? I have a degree in Educational Psychology and I work as a consultant in schools doing professional development for educators. My work revolves around promoting holistic education through mindfulness, social-emotional-ethical wellbeing, healthy relationships, and restorative practices. I also founded Athens Forest Kindergarten, an educational nonprofit promoting nature play in early childhood education. I serve as Director and oversee the outdoor preschool program at Sandy Creek Park as well as the organization's other community offerings for parents, teachers, and children. My partner and I also have backyard chickens and 3 young children who are frequently found in the backyard as well.

Why should someone attend your 45 Minute Mindful Flow Yoga? Yoga and other mindfulness practices can be really helpful at transition points in our lives. My Mindful Flow class is just 45 minutes long and a great way to close out your workweek and set an intention for being even more fully YOU for the weekend! It upends many conventions to spend a Friday evening doing something so healthy too, so join me if you're all about challenging norms. But also, if you want to stay logged in and have a glass of wine with me while my kids make silly faces at the computer, that's fun too :)

What is something that your students at Revolution might not know about you?

I lived and worked in Paris for about a year and a half in my 20s and I taught Pilates in French! Also, I teach from my treehouse!


Author: Isabel Weber

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