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Meg Wilson

Hi! My name is Meg. I chose to attend UGA when I discovered one of the professors was an AASECT-certified sex therapist. Now here I am after hundreds of hours of training nearly 700 miles away from my Louisiana hometown, working as a sex therapist! Words cannot describe how thrilled I am to support people's healthy, informed sexual and gender explorations, as well as their broader well-being. 

I am interested in exploring erotic embodiment, somatic interventions, sensate focus, expressive arts, and art therapy with clients. I hope to work with a variety of needs, such as anxiety, depression, self-actualization, low desire, couples counseling, and dysphoria, and the way grief can interplay with these needs. I will facilitate these explorations through a humanistic, feminist, and systems-oriented lens.  

I hope to support people as they defang sexual shame and center joy and pleasure in their lives. I have experience working with survivors of sexual trauma and queer people; in addition, I am kink-aware, polyamory-positive and -informed, and LGBTQ+-friendly. I care about disability justice, dismantling the pillars of white supremacy and examining the ways social workers (including me) are contributing to it, designing our world in a liberatory fashion, and the power of change. 

 I am currently accepting clients. I can accept private pay and Cigna. You can email to set up an appointment.

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