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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Should I Bring?
    We have yoga mats, blocks, straps, blankets, and bolsters that you can use. Some people prefer to bring and use their own mat, which you are welcome to do.
  • What Type of Clothing Should I Wear?
    You will want to wear comfortable clothes that are easy to move in. You are welcome to bring water and there is a cooler to fill water bottles. There is a restroom at the studio and a place to change clothes as well.
  • What Level Are Your Yoga Classes?
    Most classes offered are appropriate for beginners and those who are resuming a yoga practice. Each instructor has a bio on this site describing their individual class. Things that are labeled gentle or restorative are particularly wonderful ways to begin a regular practice. If you have any questions about the class or injuries you have had in the past, please share this with your instructor prior to the start of class so they can instruct you on ways to adapt poses that might not be right for you.
  • How Do I Find the Studio?
    We are located in the Leathers Building at 675 Pulaski St, suite 1400. Look for the side of the building that is more of a parking lot (opposite side of the train tracks). We are half way down the length of the building. This entrance features wheel chair access and a ramp near the door. Note: Despite our best efforts to make the space accessible, please know that the primary indoor yoga space is up a flight of stairs.
  • When Should I Arrive for Class?
    Plan to arrive about 10-15 minutes before your class begins. This gives you enough time to get settled, find your spot and relax a bit before class starts. The class will begin and end promptly and the door will be locked at the start of class. If you arrive late and the door is locked, we have begun. Please don't knock on the door and please do come back another time!
  • What Should I Do Once I Arrive For Class?
    When you come in the instructor will be at the front waiting to greet incoming students, you will sign in, make your donation (or confirm your online donation or membership), and leave your shoes and personal belongings in the front room shelving. You can then get your props as your instructor specifies and make your way to the yoga room with your mat. You will want all the props prescribed for your class, but feel free to grab extra props for yourself as well if they are part of your practice. You are welcome to borrow a yoga mat from the studio, which will be cleaned and hung to dry in the studio after class. Your instructor will help you with this the first time.
  • Why are You Donation Based?
    Yoga has had a life-changing impact on many of the teachers here, and we would like it to be available in town without a paywall. We recognize and honor the many lovely things about more commercial yoga studios, and feel that model is very well covered in town. We aspire to offer something different: a donation-based, teacher-led community-building experience. We are working toward nonprofit status because we are a mission-driven organization working together toward the common good of community building and sharing the teachings of yoga and related wellbeing arts.
  • I'm A Beginner, What Should I Take Into Account in Starting to Practice?
    The movements we offer as teachers are always suggestions, not demands. Take it slow the first time you come and try out the movements if they sound appealing. You also can take breaks all the way through class, and doing so creates a safer space for other students to do the same thing. If there is a suggested movement that consistently does not feel good, troubleshoot that movement before or after class with a teacher.
  • How Do You Cultivate Such Creative and Unusual Classes?
    The heartbeat of Revolution is the manifestation of the teachers’ unique voices, trainings, and styles of teaching. We value and celebrate the diversity that our teachers offer us and create space for their creativity to shine in their classes. We believe that every student who walks through our doors can find a class and teacher they can connect to and we hope our students celebrate this, too.
  • Can I Schedule a Group Session or a Private Session at the Studio?
    The answer is likely yes for groups, and definitely yes for privates! Sydney, Christiana, and Nicole all offer private instruction. Talk to our manager Nicole at for more details.
  • How Do You Provide a Trauma Sensitive Yoga Space?
    Part of our mission to to provide a trauma sensitive space and instruction. Our teachers, staff and management have studied the ideas of trauma in the body, mind and body connections, creating an safe and supportive space that promotes self acceptance and fosters connection is part of our mission.
  • Can I Drop My Child Off For Class?
    We ask that you only drop off children above the age of 12, if they are 11 or younger, we ask that you wait with them in our lobby.
  • Can My Child Attend Class With Me?
    Children under age 12 are welcome to try yoga classes with a parent if they are excited to participate. The child must be old enough to be able to stay on their mat for the duration of class even if it is just relaxing in child's pose or on their back, they certainly do not have to move through every pose but moving off the mat may be distracting for others.
  • What Other Policies Regarding Children at the Studio Do You Have?
    There is no instance in which a child can be left alone under the age of 12 in the space for extended periods of time. Children invited to the space for parties, special events and child and youth oriented classes are welcome to be at Revolution Therapy and Yoga with a supervising adult, parent or teacher for the amount of time those services are held.
  • Was This Studio Once Rubber Soul Yoga?
    Yes, the studio was opened in 2006 by Dr. Cal Clements. It has been used to teach yoga, meditation, theatre, comedy, clowning, and multiple yoga teacher trainings and lifestyle explorations through his unique program called Adventure Club. In 2018 the Studio closed briefly and a group of dedicated teachers began to take the lead. Dr. Kate Morrissey Stahl took over the ownership of the building and as a collective we began to reimagine the studio space and how to incorporate a variety of wellness offerings, including therapy and specialized yoga classes that are accessible, body positive, trauma sensitive and inclusive. The new name is rebirth of an already wonderful space but one that can always make room to grow and evolve.
  • Can I Teach Yoga at this Studio?
    We are always open to applicants. Please email
  • Where Can I Learn More About the Origins of Yoga?
    There are many different styles of yoga. The original texts mentioning yoga for the first time originated in India. These teachings have continued to inspire new traditions and offshoots of a wide variety of yoga styles, teachers, approach, research and writers. Revolution Therapy and Yoga feels that it is important to continue to honor the roots of this ancient wisdom and make mention of what our current classes are inspired by when teaching in the classroom. Learn more about yoga's history: History of yoga by Meenakshi Devi Bhavanani ​ ​ Embrace Yoga's Roots by Susanna Barkataki (Book) also check out the blog! ​ Yoga Journal
  • Are you Currently Accepting Clients?
    Our therapists are constantly adjusting their caseloads with the ebb and flow of individuals requesting therapy so it can be difficult to predict exactly when therapists will be accepting more clients. BUT, you can head to our therapists page and see who is currently taking clients.
  • Do You Offer Virtual Sessions?
    YES! The majority of our therapists are more than happy to ensure that therapy is as accessible as possible to anyone who may need it, even if you aren't able to make it to our location! For more information, feel free to email our therapists to learn their specific virtual therapy plans.
  • How Much is Therapy?
    This is one of our most common questions and our best answer is that it depends on your financial situation, length of appointments, type of therapy, and insurance acceptance. To get the most accurate information, we recommend that you email to discuss rates or connect you with your desired therapist to discuss rates.
  • Do You Accept My Insurance?
    At Revolution we try our best to make our therapeutic services as accessible as possible, which means doing our best to accept insurance when possible. To learn more about your specific plan, email for questions.
  • What If I have a Crisis While Being a Client at Revolution?
    This is definitely a sensitive topic, and not one that we take lightly, as we prioritize the health and wellbeing of all of our clients. With that said, it would be best to reach out to your specific therapist if you are experiencing a mental health crisis to develop a plan. and if you are concerned that you may experience a crisis in the future, make sure to discuss this with your therapist to determine resources and counseling options available. Ultimately, if your life or the life of another is in danger during a crisis situation, it is always best to call 911 to receive adequate and proper support.
  • Can I Drop my Child Off for Therapy?
    We ask that you only drop off children above the age of 12, if they are 11 or younger, we ask that you wait with them in our lobby.
  • What Other Policies Regarding Children Are There For Therapy?
    Children who are here for therapy or whose parents are here for therapy could stay in the waiting room as needed or the therapy room. The parent will check on the child every 20 minutes and be clear where they are.

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