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Morning Yoga Thursdays 8am (in-person and live stream)

Kate offers mindfulness-based and playful vinyasa flow class that's designed to improve mental, emotional, and physical flexibility and strength for both beginners and folks with more experience.


 Kelsey Wishik 

Sati Yoga on Monday @ 5pm

For private 1:1 yoga sessions contact

In Sanskrit, Sati, one of the Niyamas of the Yogic Eight Limbed path, describes the experience of Truth.

This one hour, all levels class is based in breath-centered Flow or Vinyasa yoga, but also integrates meditative techniques for a holistic experience of yoga.   This class is designed to be a complete introduction to a yoga practice through its fundamental poses and philosophies while allowing experienced students to deepen the expression of their practice. All experience levels are welcome. 

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Hatha Yoga for Compassion and Connection on Sunday @ 4pm  (in-person and live stream)

This practice promotes themes of compassion and self-inquiry. Through this session, Sydney will emphasize inner and outer exploration as you move through asana. This is an all-levels class that focuses on alignment and pranayama. Guided meditation and reflection are included to cultivate connection, grounding and appreciation. This class hopes to challenge you, but leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed. 


  Paul Brooks  

Flow yoga and Qigong on Wednesday @ 6pm

Energy or Qi can get stuck in your muscles and soft tissue limiting your movement, circulation, and breath. Join Paul for a Qigong and yoga inspired practice that moves energy to increase flexibility, release stress, and improve overall health and vitality. Qigong is intended to be practiced outdoors and is a mostly standing practice, so come and enjoy a unique class that will complement any body and mind routine.


  Miles Bunch  

Energetic Yoga on Tuesday @ 5:30pm

Join Miles for a challenging yet accessible flow yoga practice, focused on connecting our attention and bodies through unique movements and breath awareness.


Rebecca Edmondson Vance

Yoga for Well-being Saturday @ 10am (in-person and live stream)

Warm up your body and your mind! Join Rebecca for an inclusive yoga class that invites you to explore and nurture your body and mind. We will explore breath work, vinyasa, and balancing sequences. This class is suitable for all levels of yogis from beginner to advanced.


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Trauma Conscious Yoga
No Current classes, accepting private sessions

Crystal's typical teaching-style is reflective of gentle recovery-based yoga as well as Trauma Conscious Yoga (TCY). Gentle recovery-based classes encourage the connection of mind and body to promote holistic self-care. In addition, the primary focus is to increase mobility and recovery for those who cross train with high impact activities.Trauma Conscious Yoga (TCY) encourages the opportunity to be in the present moment through bringing awareness to the breath and the physical sensations of the here-and-now. The class provides a space to notice what we feel in our bodies and make choices about what to do with those movements.


  Cal Clements  

Meditation on Sundays @ 10am

We will explore a variety of meditation techniques and tools, including mindfulness, single-pointed focus, contemplation, sound, and mantra. There will be time for tea and discussion. Meditators of all levels are welcome!

Cal Clements owned a yoga studio, Rubber Soul, where he taught yoga, meditation, yoga teacher training, and theater for 12 years. He holds a doctorate in Comparative Literature. He completed yoga training at the 500 hour level at Downward Dog in Toronto and The Asheville Yoga Center in North Carolina. His website is


  Lisa Gibson  

No classes currently

Grounding and reconnective, this micro-yoga is focused on the small intentional movements that strengthen, balance, relax, release, and activate the muscles in, around, and connected to the pelvic floor.  This class is for anyone with pelvis and is curious about the pelvic floor.


  Jasey Jones  

Raja Yoga on Sundays at 5:05pm



Raja Yoga is the practice of the eight limbs of yoga as described by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras and those practices of Yoga outlined by Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita. These practices include hatha yoga, pranayama, ethics, meditation, devotion and service. This class includes guided meditation and breathwork and devotional singing, as well as contemplation and discussion of the Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita.


Restorative Yoga on Tuesday @ 12pm

Yoga Flow + Restore on Thursday
@ 5:30pm

Private yoga sessions

Nicole teaches a well rounded, gentle and relaxing all-levels class that will raise your heart rate with traditional sun salutations, then work deeply into the connective tissue around the hips pelvis and spine with a slow and enjoyable reclined practice. Class promotes deep breathing, mindfulness and inward listening. Suitable for beginners and experienced students alike who are seeking a fun and grounding class that focuses on restoring flexibility and mobility.



 SJ Ursrey 

no current classes

Try a welcoming and fun yoga session with SJ Ursrey. SJ has been teaching yoga for over a decade. She received her yoga certification with Shiva Rae in Venice Beach, California in 2012.

SJ's Current classes are led in session. Please pre-register for the whole 8 week session in advance.

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