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   Kate Morrissey Stahl 
Movement and Meditation
Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 8am

Kate offers mindfulness-based and playful vinyasa flow class (30 Minutes) and Meditation (20 minutes) that's designed to improve mental, emotional, and physical flexibility and strength for both beginners and folks with more experience. She is likely to mention sex in class because of her specialization in sex therapy.


 Kelsey Wishik 
Sati Yoga on Monday @ 5:30pm

Movement and Mobility on Thursdays @ 5:30pm

For private 1:1 yoga sessions contact

In Sanskrit, Sati, one of the Niyamas of the Yogic Eight Limbed path, describes the experience of Truth.

This one hour, all levels class is based in breath-centered Flow or Vinyasa yoga, but also integrates meditative techniques for a holistic experience of yoga.   This class is designed to be a complete introduction to a yoga practice through its fundamental poses and philosophies while allowing experienced students to deepen the expression of their practice. All experience levels are welcome. 


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 Sydney McCall 
On Sabbatical for 500-hour Teacher Training

This practice promotes themes of compassion and self-inquiry. Through this session, Sydney will emphasize inner and outer exploration as you move through asana. This is an all-levels class that focuses on alignment and pranayama. Guided meditation and reflection are included to cultivate connection, grounding and appreciation. This class hopes to challenge you, but leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed. 



 Paul Brooks 
Flow yoga and Qigong on Wednesday @ 6pm

Energy or Qi can get stuck in your muscles and soft tissue limiting your movement, circulation, and breath. Join Paul for a Qigong and yoga inspired practice that moves energy to increase flexibility, release stress, and improve overall health and vitality. Qigong is intended to be practiced outdoors and is a mostly standing practice, so come and enjoy a unique class that will complement any body and mind routine.


 Acro Yoga Co-teachers
Sarah Whitaker, Johnny Rogers and  Nicole Bechill

Intro to Acro
Tuesdays @ 7pm


Our mission is to provide a space for all bodies to feel empowered to fly. Through a playful and community oriented practice we will explore the foundational poses of acro yoga, learn communication skills, the importance of each role in an acro form and how this can be used as a form of relaxation and restoration.


  Rebecca Vance  
Yoga for Well-being Saturday @ 10am (in-person and live stream)

Warm up your body and your mind! Join Rebecca for an inclusive yoga class that invites you to explore and nurture your body and mind. We will explore breath work, vinyasa, and balancing sequences. This class is suitable for all levels of yogis from beginner to advanced.



 Henry Miller 
Subbing Kelsey and Kate's classes this spring

Classes will start slowly from the floor with a simple body warm-up and brief intention setting, mindfulness practice, and/or breathwork. From there, I aim to slowly turn up the intensity by moving us through a series of strengthening and free-flowing asanas. While challenging, I offer cues for alternative poses and invite everyone to find their own edge. Each asana will be held for strength and flexibility and our transitions between poses will flow to build dynamic and practical mobility. I hope that y’all will enjoy the beauty of collectively building heat within each of our bodies and accessing the gifts this warmth brings to our space and minds.



 Morgan Gonzales 
Flow Yoga for Vitality
with Morgan Sundays @ 5:30pm

Morgan leads a class designed to boost feelings of vitality and to connect the body and the mind through a challenging yet accessible flow yoga sequence. Yogis are encouraged to take what they need and alternatives are frequently offered. Expect an energizing and heat building class. Maybe even a healthy sweat! Expect to link movements to breath while holding many of the class's poses for multiple breaths. The goal is to maximize strength and the body's ability to soften into each pose. Alternatives are offered throughout class.This class is suitable for beginners to advanced yogis, and is perfect for those looking to link their body with their mind.



 Miles Bunch 

No current classes


 Rhonda Casey 
Morning Hatha & Yin Yoga
Saturdays @

Expect an energizing heat building class with a meditative cool down. The cool down will incorporate Yin Yoga poses aimed to deepen meditation while
healing the body through stretching. Be prepared to strengthen your mind through thoughtful body movement.



 Nicole Bechill 
Restorative Yoga on Tuesday @ 12pm

Intro to Acro Yoga on Tuesdays @ 7pm

Private yoga sessions

Nicole teaches an array of yoga styles including Restorative Yoga, Flow Yoga and Acro Yoga. Privately she also teaches chair yoga and is happy to explore yoga in accessible ways. Her classes are trauma informed and centered around grounding practices including breath, movement and meditation and fun.

E-RYT 500

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 Mary Catherine Hawks  
No classes currently

Flowing from Mary's own grounding in metta and heart work the intention for this class is to cultivate loving kindness to all who share in the space. 
The class is a blend of Heat (postures to warm the body), Engagement (postures to engage the connection of mind and body ), Acceptance (creating a welcoming space for all), and Restoration (closing each class with 20 minutes of restorative practice and savasana) all blended in a Trauma Conscious foundation.


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