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Massage Therapy

Greetings! My name is Chase Preston-White. I’m a graduate of the Oconee School of Therapeutic Massage and an enthusiast for bodywork. My approach to massage integrates the best of my experiences working in both spa and medical settings. My intention is to nurture the nervous system as much as the muscular, to offer an experience that is both luxurious and therapeutic.   


My Story

Prior to massage, I taught yoga. My teaching career began in a yoga studio called Rubber Soul. The teacher training I received there laid the foundation for the bodywork that I practice today, one of improvisation and play. My second teacher training, at M3 yoga where I also taught, deepened my appreciation for the mechanics of breath, kinesiology, and trauma-sensitivity.


As recipients of massage we are invited to return our attention, again and again, from heady concerns to how we feel now. In that way, massage is meditative. And touch itself- intentional, sympathetic touch- is fundamentally comforting, a meeting of the need to be seen, a reminder that, though the body is the source of pain, it is also the source of pleasure. 


My treatments are personalized to meet your goals and needs. Whether your goal is to relieve pain, improve mobility, or simply to relax, along the way I will encourage trust in and sympathy with these bodies of ours as they bend to accommodate our lifestyles. I lay hands not to "correct" the body, but to encourage the exploration of new possibilities. 

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