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Movement and Yoga schedule
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We offer a sliding scale membership of a $35, $55, or $75 monthly subscription via the Ubindi platform. This is the very best way to support the studio and it is very affordable for the student as well. The membership includes all donation-based group classes. Some specialty classes and session are extra but the general bulk of our schedule available with a membership. Our membership earnings go directly to caring for our yoga space and yoga community including teacher support, insurance, internet and utilities. We are humbled by your support and hope to carry on our work for many years to come. Thank you with our whole hearts.



Online class schedule
The Zoom room will open up 15 minutes prior to the start of class


8am - Yoga and Meditation with Kate Morrissey Stahl (live stream)


8am - Yoga and Meditation with Kate Morrissey Stahl (live stream)


10am - Yoga for Well-being with Rebecca Vance (live stream)

In-person class schedule


5:30pm - Yoga with Kelsey Wishik


8am - Yoga and meditation with Nicole

12pm - Restorative Yoga with Nicole

7pm - Intro to Acro Yoga with Johnny, Sarah and Nicole


6pm - Flow Yoga and Qigong with Paul Brooks


8am - Yoga & Meditation with Kate Morrissey Stahl (Kelsey is subbing)


8am - Morning Hatha & Yin Yoga with Rhonda

10am - Yoga for Well-being with Rebecca Vance


5:30pm - Yoga for Vitality with Morgan (back mid June)

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