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Amanda Auchenpaugh, LCSW    

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Sexuality is a fraught topic and no one should have to navigate it alone. I’m Amanda Auchenpaugh, LCSW, and I’m here to support you on your journey to sexual self-actualization.


Clients come to me with a variety of concerns: sexual desire, identity questions, sexual shame, body image concerns, religious deconstruction, navigating new types of relationships like queer, kinky, or non-monogamous ones, or they simply want a space to explore sexuality in a way they never have before. None of us gets to adulthood without some struggle with sexuality, and by seeking support we can start breaking down the stigma and shame associated with sex in order to lead more pleasurable lives! Our relationship to pleasure is often at the root of our struggles, and it is my mission to increase collective access to pleasure in all areas of our lives.


When working with me, you will always get my authentic self in our sessions, which is warm, encouraging, and sometimes a bit sassy (always with consent to let Sassy Therapist Amanda show up in the room). We’ll laugh, cry, strategize, learn, explore, question, and most importantly harness our curiosity and imagination. Because I use a feminist approach to therapy, I work hard to examine and dismantle the power dynamics that exist in the therapy space, meaning we’ll work towards showing up as equals as much as we can. I work to root my practice (and my life) in anti-oppressive frameworks, moving towards liberation for all genders, races, body types, abilities, nationalities, religious beliefs, sexual orientations, and relationship/family structures. My work is holistic and systemic, which means that we tend to all the parts of you and how they affect one another, plus the ways all the micro, mezzo, and macro systems in your life impact you. I use a variety of approaches to help you improve your relationship with your body and better tune in to the information and gifts it has for you.


As for me personally, I am a white cisgender woman in my 30s. I am part of the queer, non-monogamous, and kink communities, and have personal experiences with religious trauma, body shame, disordered eating, ADHD, divorce, and parenting. My hobbies include dance, birding, hosting parties, baking, audiobooks (mostly sapphic romance novels), visual arts, gardening, and travel. My friends would describe me as energetic, kind, creative, and fiercely (sometimes aggressively) empowering. I’ve lived in the Athens area since 2009 and currently live with my partner, daughter, and my three cats.


I offer individual and relational (couples or more-than-two relationships) therapy, dance therapy, educational classes, workshops, case consultation, and host a monthly edu-tainment event called One Night Stand. In addition to my clinical work, I’m available to speak for your class, organization, or event about an array of sexuality-related topics. Basically I’m a total sexuality nerd who jumps at the chance to share what I’m passionate about! For more information about any of these services, feel free to contact me so we can determine what service(s) would be the best fit for you and/or your organization.


While I am not in-network with any insurance, upon request I am happy to provide clients documentation to submit to their insurance for potential reimbursement. Because accessibility is important to me, I have a limited number of sliding scale offerings for therapy clients who do not have the means to pay the full rate for services. I see clients in-person at our office near downtown Athens or via Telehealth.


You can contact me at and follow me on Instagram at @shameless_sexuality for education, laughs, and to stay on top of upcoming events!




One Night Stand; A Sexuality Power Point Party

Come to Revolution to watch sexuality experts, therapists, and educators give fun, lighthearted, and insightful presentations around sexuality! Think of it like short ted talks that are way less serious and a bit more whimsical, we hope to see you there!

Next event: March 1st 5:30pm

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