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Creating a New Space for Yoga, Well-being, and Healing

With our studio renovations underway, we interviewed yoga teacher Kate Morrissey Stahl to learn more about Revolution's vision for healing and community. This new space will promote yoga and somatic body practices in conjunction with therapy and emotional health. That said, Revolution seeks to create a space that facilitates healing of all kinds.

How exactly will the physical space exactly be different? According to Kate, "We'll have more of different types of healing space. We'll have a really lovely waiting area and a yoga area that is upstairs, as well as two therapy rooms downstairs."

Intention is important when designing a space that makes everyone feel welcome. "A lot of things about physical space can impact well-being and healing," Kate says. "Having a sense of being contained can help with trauma-informed groups and classes, and having cozy comfortable spaces where conversations can happen."

By offering both yoga and therapy, Revolution encourages the intersection of physical, spiritual, and emotional health. "Yoga and somatic therapies can be hugely supportive of healing," says Kate. "Many times especially through the experience of trauma we can get off balance in our body awareness. For example, we could become overly distanced from our physical experiences or hyperaware of certain experiences in our bodies over others. Trauma-informed yoga can be a helpful addition to other therapies that help people to be aware in a flexible way of their body's cues. This also helps people to become clear about what they care about, whereas being more disassociated from the body and more identified with thoughts can feel like being disconnected from and confused about what is important."

When asked about holistic healing, Kate says, "To me, it refers to how to consider problems from a broad perspective that starts with the social and moves down to the organizational and the personal. Another way to say it would be coming at an issue or a question or a stuck point from multiple perspectives and taking account of the contexts in which healing and growth can occur."

"I generally am bringing a sense of curiosity and openness to the transition. We have a lot to offer and doing it in a space that supports our work is important. I also have an intention to bring in the wisdom of the team to settle in and continue to build the ways we serve the community."

Kate Morrissey Stahl earned her teacher training through My Vinyasa Practice. Learn more about her current class offerings here.

Author: Suzanne Godard

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