Kate Morrissey Stahl

Insight + Enlight Yoga

Sunday at 9:30am (online)

Kate offers mindfulness-based and playful vinyasa flow class that's designed to improve mental, emotional, and physical flexibility and strength for both beginners and folks with more experience.The end of class will be dedicated to meditation.

Meg Brownstone

Align + Shine Yoga

Wednesday at 5:30pm (online)

Join Meg in an alignment based yoga class that is both grounding and up lifting. This class will encourage an exploration of flexibility, mind body connections and inward listening. 

Miles Bunch

Grounding Sunday Flow Yoga

Sunday at 5:30pm (online)

Yoga in Spanish (online)

Saturday Feb. 20th @ 12:30pm

Join Miles for a challenging yet accessible flow yoga practice, focused on connecting our attention and bodies through unique movements and breath awareness.

Sylvia Morales Whitmire

Slow + Strong Flow Yoga

Monday at 6pm (online)

 The focus for this class is on holding the poses for a duration and includes a vinyasa flow component in between sequences to bring a fluid flow to the practice. The body will be given the opportunity to stretch and strengthen bringing a sense of ease and calm to the mind and spirit.

Nicole Bechill

Yoga for Well-being - Saturday @ 10:45am (online)

Private yoga session - Sunday @ 1pm


Nicole teaches a well rounded, gentle and relaxing all-levels class that will raise your heart rate with traditional sun salutations, then work deeply into the connective tissue around the hips pelvis and spine with a slow and enjoyable reclined practice. Class promotes deep breathing, mindfulness and inward listening. Suitable for beginners and experienced students alike who are seeking a fun and grounding class that focuses on restoring flexibility and mobility.

Christiana Ceniceros

Restore, Reset + Revive Flow 

Tuesday at 5:30pm (online)

meditation for body connection

(25 minutes)

Tuesday at 4:45pm Feb 9th & 23rd (online)

Christiana’s class offers an invigorating gentle flow emphasizing on mindfulness in freedom of the body. She encourages you to explore and honor what your practice offers in the moment.The last 30 minutes of class is dedicated to restorative/yin poses to release body tension and relax the mind. This class is available to beginners and beyond .

Katie Chapin

Evening Yoga for Stress Reduction

Wednesday at 7pm


Space is limited to 5 students and masks are required.

Katie's classes aim to feel approachable, safe, and encouraging with a focus on developing classes that work for all levels of experience. Katie brings her professional training into the yoga practice by integrating themes of grounding, anxiety reduction, and visioning. 

Sarah Whitaker

45 Minute Mindful Flow Yoga Friday @ 5:30pm (online)

Sarah's class will invite you to explore with curiosity and lightheartedness what it is like to be a human being with a body, with breath, with emotions and thoughts. Her teaching approach is mindfulness-based and flow-oriented. You can expect instruction welcoming to beginners as well experienced yogis and invitations to modify your practice in a variety of ways to suit your body. Sarah has extensive experience being pregnant and teaching pregnant people that she is happy to share with any pre-natal and perinatal students.

Crystal Hamilton

Trauma Conscious Yoga

Thursday at 6pm (online)

Crystal's typical teaching-style is reflective of gentle recovery-based yoga as well as Trauma Conscious Yoga (TCY). Gentle recovery-based classes encourage the connection of mind and body to promote holistic self-care. In addition, the primary focus is to increase mobility and recovery for those who cross train with high impact activities.

Trauma Conscious Yoga (TCY) encourages the opportunity to be in the present moment through bringing awareness to the breath and the physical sensations of the here-and-now. The class provides a space to notice what we feel in our bodies and make choices about what to do with those movements.

For more information on TCY, please scroll down to find more info and the FAQ on TCY and What to Expect in Class, prior to coming to a TCY class.


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