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5 Non-Diet New Year's Resolutions

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Do you remember your New Year’s resolution from last year? It feels like so long ago we all entered 2020 with blissful excitement. A new year comes with the promise of a fresh start. Of course, 2020 was not how we imagined it to be. But that’s ok.

So, do you remember your 2020 New Year’s resolution? Entering 2021 and thinking about my New Year’s resolutions for 2021, I’ve learned to adapt. I know many of us have learned a lot during a year of hardship, and that’s what the new year is all about: growing and adapting to your environment. That includes realizing it’s ok if you don’t achieve those “resolutions.”

Resolutions can be fun and encouraging, and yet there can be harmful backlash from diet-focused New Year's resolutions. Diet-focused New Year’s resolutions make you think there is a problem with your body as it is right now. Your body is beautiful. It carried you through another year of life, and that should be celebrated. For 2021, I challenge you to step away from the diet-focused resolutions. Below are 5 new year’s resolutions that focus on growth and wellness.

1. Read more: This can be as simple as reading 20 pages a week or as advanced as 1 or more book a month. Open a romance novel, sci-fi story or self-help book instead of scrolling through Instagram. What are you curious to learn about? Who do you want to understand better? Reading opens new worlds for us to explore and appreciate.

2. Start a journal: Journaling is a great way to let off stress or write down your worries. You can freely write in a journal and record important memories or growth. Start a gratitude journal by writing down 3 things you are grateful for every day.

3. Cook more: We all have that one recipe that we want to try. Cooking more of your meals allows you to enjoy more of the food you eat. It could be fun and challenging to learn new recipes and consume food that makes you feel happy and healthy. Could you prepare a meal that includes all the colors of the rainbow?

4. Declutter your life: Clean out your closet. If you haven't worn those jeans in a year, throw them out and stop saying that you’ll lose the weight one day. Clean out your refrigerator and pantry. Get rid of expired foods or reorganize your pantry. You can even try a digital declutter by deleting apps you never use, organizing your files or unfollowing people who aren’t helping you to grow. Which of your belongings are taking up more time or energy than they are worth?

5. Reach out to friends and family: Call your grandparents, text old friends, and spend time with your friends. Having a good support system will help you adapt to changes in the new year. We are a social species, and connecting with people we love is important nourishment for us.

We wish you wellbeing and joyful movement this year. We are grateful for this community and delight in building well-being, social justice, and awareness together.


Author: Isabel Weber

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