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August 29th - October 24th

6:30pm - 7:45pm


This eight week fall session can take place in-person or online every Monday at 6:30pm. The in-person space is limited to 9 students so please sign up to reserve your spot for the full eight week session. This is a specialty class and is not included in Revolution's donation-based membership.

Price in-person: $120

Price online drop in: $15 per class

* No class Monday September 5th

* In-person students will also receive the online login so they can take class remotely as well.

There is room to drop in online for SJ's current Summer yoga session.

Click the sign up button for more info

Preview: September 2nd 


8 Week Session: September 16th-November 4th 


In Person

*$10 Preview

*$175 Full Session

Sometimes words fail to express how we feel, but expressing our emotions is a vital part of a healthy emotional life. In Emotionally Expressive Dance, we will explore how to express different emotions through movement to music. The class requires ZERO dance experience or training, and will not involve learning choreography. We will practice getting in touch with our bodies and breath, using our bodies to sculpt our emotions, and offering short reflections to one another about what we experience. This is the first time this class has been offered so we are all new at this and can create it together!

Ongoing Services

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We provide trauma-informed clinical services, with our practice including therapists with specialties in sex therapy, somatic trauma treatment, couple therapy, and grief.

Next meeting:July 31st 2022 10:00am-12:00pm

Book: Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good

​By: adrienne maree brown

We also offer accessible group  yoga classes for connection and stress relief. Our group yoga classes are donation-based taking place online and in-person.

Explore a personalized yoga practice with Nicole Bechill. One to one classes are great for exploring modifications and asking questions so that together we can build a yoga practice that works for you.