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Nicole Bechill

430hrs YTT


Nicole offers private yoga sessions in-person or online. Online sessions are booked in four class blocks. The price is $120 for four private sessions.

Current availability:

Tuesday at 9:30am

Sunday at 9:30am

Public group yoga classes are offered weekly and are donation-based. (in-person and live stream)


1pm - Yin Yoga


4pm - Restorative Yoga for the Nervous System

5:30pm - Flow & Restore Yoga

Nicole teaches a well rounded, gentle and relaxing all-levels class that often starts with traditional sun salutations, then works deeply into the connective tissue around the hips pelvis and spine with a slow and enjoyable reclined practice. In the asana practice she encourages folks to move their bodies is an expressive way, one that is akin to "The process not the product" ideas of making art but translated the experience of being embodied. This class promotes deep breathing, mindfulness and inward listening. Suitable for beginners and experienced students alike who are seeking a fun and grounding class that focuses on restoring flexibility and mobility. Most recently Nicole has been studying the ideas of trauma sensitive yoga and has been working to create more in-class options and choices to provide a more trauma sensitive and body positive class.

Read Nicole's YOGA Bio below.

What training impacts your yoga teaching?

I attended the Asheville Yoga Center for 230 hours of teacher training. I chose this program because it was so comprehensive. They discussed a broad spectrum of yoga styles. This actually became more helpful than I could ever imagine since now I teach many different types of classes. Feeling comfortable to teach Yin Yoga, Vinyasa, Restorative, Chair Yoga, Kids Yoga and more. 


I also have another 200 hour teacher training from Adventure Club via Rubber Soul Yoga. This teacher training lasted two years and it's where I found my voice as a teacher and at the same time became interested in meditation, mindfulness and inward listening. I would be a different person if I had not had this wonderful experience. 

Art and music influence my everything, including teaching yoga. I love to create and I have formal education in art history, photography, painting and early childhood education. Likewise I am a huge fan of music and making music and I draw on this love of collaborating, creative expression and process when presenting a yoga class. 


What is your favorite thing about yoga practice and teaching?


As a teacher being present with the students. As a student being present in the room. Soaking up the present moment, enjoying the movement and breath. 

What is your favorite thing about being part of a yoga community?


I have had so many wonderful, funny and honest conversations in the front room of Rubber Soul Yoga (now Revolution Therapy and Yoga). It's definitely a place I feel comfortable and where many friendships have blossomed.  


What do you like to do outside of yoga? 


I play bass guitar and sing in a rather loud and fast punk band called Shehehe. This is the Yang to my Yin for sure! My husband (the drummer) and I have one young child and enjoy our downtime together either relaxing at our home, hiking, swimming or traveling with the band. 

Wanna check out my band?

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