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Mondo Sunday March 15

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Join us at Rubber Soul on Sunday the 15th of March to practice Mondo Zen Meditation guided buy Integral Zen (IZ) Lay Teacher, Geoff Koshin West. With over 25 years experience in meditation, energy medicine, massage therapy, and shamanic practices, Geoff is an excellent guide for all levels. He is founder of Integral Transformative Bodywork (ITB), an organization that combines myofascial release, integral theory, raw communication, Mondo Zen, and shamanic/energy medicine to create a cohesive framework for recovery and transformation that compliments one's natural movement toward conscious evolution. What is Mondo Zen? Mondo Zen™ is based on Japanese and Chinese Zen, updated for the 21st Century. Mondo Zen™ transcends the hierarchical/authoritarian, gender-biased and constraining monastic aspects of traditional Zen in favor of practical, experiential “in the world” engagement. It utilizes the koan process, a series of questions designed to induce certain realizations. Each koan is like a brain teaser or puzzle that helps to train the mind to focus in different ways. You can download the Mondo Zen manual from the website. The link to download is at the top right of the home page. $15 suggested donation at the door, no one will be turned away. All proceeds support Integral Transformative Bodywork and Integral Zen. Paypal: Wear comfortable clothing and bring a favorite yoga mat or cushion if you desire to sit on the floor, although we also have chairs, cushions, and mats available.

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