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Introducing Nightmares and Wonderment Cal!


September 13th @ 7:30pm

Revolution is proud to be hosting a new event this coming Tuesday, "Nightmares and Wonderment"! This is a physical theater, comedy, and "music" class. We put "music" in parentheses because it might be closer to noise.

We'll do a lot of exercises and explore ideas such as rhythm, walking, Being the Moment, noticing, collecting, and wondering who we are. Props include masks, ukuleles, hats, ropes, towels, and traffic cones.

The class is for anyone age 18 and older.

This is being hosted by Cal Clements, who you may remember as the former owner of Revolution when it was Rubber Soul Yoga. Whether you want to expand your horizons, see a familiar face, or get silly, come see what we have to offer at "Nightmares and Wonderment".

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