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Introducing Ex Umbris

Ex Umbris or "out of the shadows" in latin, is an 8-month intensive course put on by Integral Transformative Bodywork. Geoff Koshin West will guide you into the unknown and provide an inclusive personal transformation practice.

Participants will meet twice a month here at our studio, Revolution Therapy and Yoga. The first meeting is Saturday, March 19th from 12pm to 7pm. The day will generally look like this:

  • arrival and check-in

  • breathe and art

  • lunch

  • content:

    • journey sharing

    • Diverse activities

    • breaks

  • Close and return home

Here is a more detailed list of what will be covered in the Ex Umbris course:

  • 2-3 hr breath work session for all participants every session (inspired by Stan Groff and his holotropic modal).

  • Trauma literacy and integration skills.

  • Liberation through Integral Theory (founded by Ken Wilber).

  • Voice Dialogue informed self-exploration practices, shadow literacy and practices.

  • Communication practices focused on consent, emotion and needs literacy, making requests, and ending dehumanizing relationships.

  • Moving in and out of Altered States of Consciousness (ASC) and how it benefits recovery, integration, and growth.

  • 2 styles of meditation and the difference between ‘grounded and Grounded.’

  • Understanding recovery and growth using the Uncovering, Claiming, and Emergence modal (ITB’s 3 Phases of Recovery).

  • Exploring the difference between Personal Growth and Spiritual Surrender.

  • Snacks and basic beverages included.

Ex Umbris wants to be inclusive of all incomes and allow everyone to join this great opportunity for bettering the self. The course will follow a sliding scale payment plan where total tuition is 5% of your monthly income times 8 with a $200 deposit to reserve your spot.

example: Bill has a monthly income is $2000. 5% of Bill’s $2k monthly income is $100. When Bill multiplies $100 x 8 he gets $800; Bill’s full tuition that he owes to ITB is $800. Bill’s $200 deposit is subtracted from his $800 tuition. He now owes ITB $600 before the end of the 8 month course. $600 split up over the next 8 months is $75/month.

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