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Specialty yoga sessions

seasonal classes, workshops and private classes


Crystal is offering a small in-person Trauma Conscious Yoga class on Thursdays at 6pm Starting October 8th. Pre-registration is required.

The class size is three students and one teacher. It takes place inside of Revolution Therapy and Yoga. There are Social distancing and Covid-19 precautions. Please read the FAQ section for more information.

What is Trauma Conscious Yoga?

Trauma Conscious Yoga (TCY) provides an opportunity to be in the present moment through bringing awareness to the breath and the physical sensations of being in the here-and-now. The class promotes the use of mindful movement to develop the practice of making choices and establishing rhythms.

TCY uses explorative movements, grounding/mindfulness, breathing practices, and the occasional guided meditation. In addition, we practice the use of interoception, where we are moving the body and feeling the body in the present.  At the most basic level, interoception is the ability to perceive the internal state of our bodies and allows us to answer the question, 'how do I feel?’ Having trouble with this sense can also make self-regulation a challenge.

The student is in control over what they are doing with their body at all times and the instructor is there to provide guidance for students to notice particular dynamics (i.e., what muscles they are using, what it feels like to have their feet on the ground, what it feels like to breathe, what sensations you are feeling in the present, and etc.). 

To inquire about private yoga sessions (virtual or in-person)

Email our manager to connect you with a teacher

We are developing a new set of classes and sessions to debut in the near future. Classes will center around yoga for well-being, breath and health, with body positive and trauma-sensitive yoga practices.

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