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Staci Belcher

Class description:

Staci offers a mindful Hatha yoga class adaptable for all levels, emphasizing an inward focus.  With self-compassion as a core philosophy, Staci invites students to honor their moment-by-moment cues from the body, and ponder how their yoga can connect them more deeply to their needs. Mindfulness of the breath will be followed by alignment-focused postures connecting students to their physical body before a nurturing relaxation.



Staci completed her yoga teacher training at the Kripalu School of Yoga in 2019. Staci organically discovered the Kripalu lineage through classes at Rubber Soul and resonated deeply with the emphasis of self-exploration and self-compassion without judgement. Since becoming a teacher, Staci has bridged her academic training in nutrition science and knowledge of the human body with yoga, offering students a glimpse into the incredible power of their bodies to foster appreciation as they explore postures.

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