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Ginny Baumgartner

Join us on Thursday evenings for a gentle flow class with breath work and an emphasis on cultivating joy in the body through movement and music. We will start with gentle warm ups, move through sun salutations, stretches, back bends and twists. We will finish with a sweet savasana and a short sitting meditation. This class is appropriate for all yogis, but particularly those who are new to yoga, those who are recovering from an injury or have challenges in their bodies, and those wishing to cultivate a lasting practice. 

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After finding yoga as a way to help heal old injuries and reduce stress, Ginny completed two 200 hour teacher trainings in 2008.  She has been teaching steadily ever since. Her classes emphasize breath work, present moment awareness, and the body as a pathway to approach the habits of the mind that may not serve us.  Peace and joy permeate the practice as we become fully in the now through pranayama and movement. 


The asana is informed by her extensive work with both equine and human bodies during her day job as a horse trainer/professional rider and former collegiate coach.  Attention to alignment, foundation and activation mark the instruction.  She specializes in non-traditional bodies and bodies that are in recovery or new to yoga.  Ginny believes that yoga is for every body, in every stage of life.  Whether you are beginning a practice, recovering from an injury, pregnant, or with a vigorous practice, this class will work for you. Expect to leave slightly sweaty and with a clear head and exuberant heart.

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