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Crystal Hamilton

Crystal's typical teaching-style is reflective of gentle recovery-based yoga as well as Trauma Conscious Yoga (TCY). Gentle recovery-based classes encourage the connection of mind and body to promote holistic self-care. In addition, the primary focus is to increase mobility and recovery for those who cross train with high impact activities.

Trauma Conscious Yoga (TCY) encourages the opportunity to be in the present moment through bringing awareness to the breath and the physical sensations of the here-and-now. The class provides a space to notice what we feel in our bodies and make choices about what to do with those movements.

For more information on TCY, please scroll down to find more info and the FAQ on TCY and What to Expect in Class, prior to coming to a TCY class.

*Note: occasional breathing practices are altered during Covid-19


Crystal is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and completed her 200-hour RYT certification in 2019. She utilizes movement-based interventions to help those wanting to increase holistic self-care and recovery. 

Crystal received her Master’s in Social Work from UGA in 2015 and works as a lead clinical at a Community Service Board (CSB). She has completed Trauma Conscious Yoga Method (TCYM) certification as well as 20-Hour TCTSY Training (Trauma Center – Trauma Sensitive Yoga); As a neuroscientific pathway to anti-oppressive practice. Additional yoga-specific completed training: yoga spaces for trans students and yoga for social justice.

Fun Facts: Crystal intends to run a half marathon in all 50 States, currently having completed eight states (i.e., North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, and Nevada). In addition, she plays D&D and keeps a bucket list handy.

"…movement is the medium in which we live our lives." - John Martin

Crystal is offering an online Trauma Conscious Yoga class on Thursdays at 6pm.

What is Trauma Conscious Yoga?

Trauma Conscious Yoga (TCY) provides an opportunity to be in the present moment through bringing awareness to the breath and the physical sensations of being in the here-and-now. The class promotes the use of mindful movement to develop the practice of making choices and establishing rhythms.

TCY uses explorative movements, grounding/mindfulness, breathing practices, and the occasional guided meditation. In addition, we practice the use of interoception, where we are moving the body and feeling the body in the present.  At the most basic level, interoception is the ability to perceive the internal state of our bodies and allows us to answer the question, 'how do I feel?’ Having trouble with this sense can also make self-regulation a challenge.

The student is in control over what they are doing with their body at all times and the instructor is there to provide guidance for students to notice particular dynamics (i.e., what muscles they are using, what it feels like to have their feet on the ground, what it feels like to breathe, what sensations you are feeling in the present, and etc.). 

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