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About Us

Welcome to Revolution Therapy and Yoga, a somatic trauma, sex therapy and yoga space in Athens, GA.


We are a multipurpose mind-body wellness studio located in the historic Leathers building near downtown. We offer, therapy sessions by licensed clinical professionals including sex therapy, couple therapy, grief and trauma therapy. We also offer accessible yoga classes for connection and stress relief, and host small groups for sex therapy, meditation, growth, and recovery.

Our mission is to provide accessible community offerings for yoga and therapy with an emphasis on trauma-informed practices that promote physical, spiritual, sexual, emotional, and creative well-being. We are inspired by cooperative principles. We are dedicated to moving our organization and our community toward anti-racist and anti-oppressive practices through reflective and intentional organizational flexibility.

 Check out our virtual and in-person yoga classes.

At this time we have some offerings that require proof of vaccination and some that do not, similarly some classes require a mask and some are mask optional, this is noted on our booking page. We will have a HEPA filter running during all classes. Please stay home if you are experiencing symptoms or test positive for covid-19


Please choose the class that best suits your needs for Covid-19 precautions and if you would like to make a request please email our manger at

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