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Lev Davidovich
Sexological Bodyworker in Training


I believe that sexuality is a positive force in the world, especially male sexuality. 


I am a student at the Sea School of Embodiment in the UK completing a Certificate in Sexological Bodywork (a registered profession in the State of California). Ten years ago I used to live in Athens and teach yoga at Rubber Soul. Sadly now I have to live somewhere else, in the Canary Islands - a part of Spain located near Africa. I offer remote donation-based individual and group sessions.

I am not supervised by Kate Morrisey-Stahl, PhD, LCSW, CST.
I don't offer therapy. I coach people on how to feel their body, enjoy their body by themselves first, and expand it into enjoying their own and other peoples' bodies with other people.

The group sessions are in Orgasmic Yoga - a solo experience of embodied self-love supported by breath, voice, movement and self-touch. For individual sessions please contact me at

Lev is teaching Orgasmic Yoga every Friday morning at 8:30am EST. online

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